Home Automation using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth Module

In this tutorial we are going to build a simple Home automation using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth Module HC-05 Home Automation Arduino Uno Bluetooth Modulewhich can be controlled using your Smartphone with a simple Android Application.

The components are Required for this Home Automation Project are:

Arduino UnoBuy (460/- INR)Buy (400/- INR)
Bluetooth Module HC-05Buy (360/- INR)Buy (250/- INR)
2 Channel Relay BoardBuy  (150/- INR)Buy (120/- INR)
AC BulbBuy (400/- INR)Buy (100/- INR)
Jumper WiresBuy (160/- INR)Buy (140/- INR)
Wires for AC WiringBuy (700/- INR)Buy (60/- INR)
Power Supply for ArduinoBuy (250/- INR)Buy (150/- INR)
Total2480/- INR1220/- INR

Bluetooth Module

HC-05 Bluetooth Module - Alpha Electronz
HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module used in this project is HC-05 , which supports master and slave mode serial communication (9600-115200 bps) SPP and UART interface. Using these features it can communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The module runs on 3.3V to 5V power supply.

To know more about HC-05 Bluetooth Module – Click Here.

2 Channel Relay Module

2 Channel Relay Board - Alpha Electronz
2 Channel Relay Board

A relay allows you to turn on or turn off a circuit using voltage and/or current much higher than what Arduino could handle. Relay provides complete isolation between the low-voltage circuit on Arduino side and the high-voltage side controlling the load. It gets activated using 5V from Arduino, which, in turn, controls electrical appliances like fans, lights and air-conditioners.

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno | Alpha Electronz
Arduino Uno

Arduino is an open source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It is intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

To know more about Arduino – Click Here

Circuit Diagram


Bluetooth Home Automation using Arduino
Bluetooth Home Automation using Arduino

In the above circuit diagram the connections of the HC-05 Bluetooth Module and Relay connection with AC Bulbs are shown. 

The green connector will be replaced by AC Source.

Arduino Will be powered by 12 Volt 1 Ampere Adapter.


/*Home Automation using Arduino Uno and Bluetooth Module
Created by - Alpha Electronz
Source - http://alphaelectronz.com

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial BT(6, 7); //TX, RX  pins of arduino respectively
String command;
void setup()
  pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  while (BT.available()){  //Check if there is an available byte to read
  delay(10); //Delay added to make thing stable
  char c = BT.read(); //Conduct a serial read
  command += c; //build the string.
  if (command.length() > 0) {
  if(command == "light on") //this command will be given as an input to switch on light1
    digitalWrite(12, HIGH);
  else if(command == "light off") //this command will be given as an input to switch off light1 simillarly other commands work
    digitalWrite(12, LOW);
  else if (command == "lamp on")
    digitalWrite (13, HIGH);
  else if ( command == "lamp off")
   digitalWrite (13, LOW);
  else if (command == "all on") //using this command you can switch on all devices
   digitalWrite (12, HIGH);
   digitalWrite (13, HIGH);
  else if (command == "off")//using this command you can switch off all devices
   digitalWrite (12, LOW);
   digitalWrite (13, LOW);


Download the app from here

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